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We Can Make it Better.
Also: You Can Break it, We Can Fix It.
Goal: Efficiency & Saving

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Think Smarter, Work Smarter.
Goal: Better Results.

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Graphic  & Website Design
Products & Services

Design Soft LLC offers:

technology consulting, software design, and marketing design services and solutions.

Our Team at Design Soft LLC works to create and improve technology systems and marketing products.

Marketing Services include:
advertising campaigns, graphic design materials,
internet media, digital and direct / print marketing layouts.

Design Soft LLC helps better connect: companies and customers,
and organizations and their communities by enhancing methods and messages.

Design Soft LLC is headquartered in Aiken, South Carolina.
Design Soft LLC Serves the Georgia and South Carolina Areas.

Be a Mobile Master.

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

A Website that has a mobile responsive design automatically adjusts and adapts itself to different mobile device elements, including size of the screen, resolution and so on.

Adopting this approach enables the user to easily read through and navigate the contents of a Website on his or her mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, with the minimum amount of manipulation on his or her part.

More and more users are now accessing the Internet and the mobile Web via their smartphones and tablet devices. This being the case, it becomes your duty as a organization or advertiser to give your mobile users the best possible experience while browsing your Website.

Mobile users’ behavior is generally seen to be quite fickle. They are looking for quick answers while on the go. You can keep users engaged provided that you give equally quick and satisfying answers to their queries. If not, they would end up losing interest in you and your products just as quickly..

Why Design Soft LLC?

At Design Soft, we bring passion to our practice and integrity to every project we undertake. We’re committed to designing and developing websites that truly speak to our clients, bolster their business endeavors and help them grow.

We create sites that are not only beautiful, but are also safe, adaptable and highly functional. We understand that deciding to invest in a website is an important decision, and when clients commit their time, energy and money with us, we reciprocate and deliver.

We Understand.

With over a decade of award-winning experience, Design Soft LLC drives technology development and marketing results.

We Care!

Improve Your Online Tools:

Innovative Ideas
Creative and Intelligent Solutions

High Quality Graphics
High Resolution & Big Screen Friendly

Totally Mobile Responsive
Looks & Works Great on All Devices

Safe & Smart
With Low to No Maintenance


“Charles is great to work with, and always finds a great way of helping us. From offering ways that save time, to offering ways we can better connect with our members."
“Design Soft is First Rate, in every way. We did not know where to start, but we wanted our business to grow. They walked us through their process; from brochures to a new website, to using smartphones in a smarter way. We will continue to use their services for our business.”


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